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Hi thankyou for visiting my website. I'm Olivia, also go by the name Jet in The Damned circles. I'm born and bred in Bicester, Oxfordshire, England and it's safe to say I'm big on rock music. My animation work pretty much came along after I went to see The Damned the "second time around", I was about 17 I think and well Captain Sensible brought me up on stage which was pretty embarrassing but an awesome moment, it was just after my Granddad died as well so it cheered both me and my dad up. My Dad is a big influence in my music tastes as he's brought me to so many gigs from a young age. I've been very lucky indeed! So basically after seeing the Damned the first time I became rather hooked and I've seen them multiple times each year since! My stop motion animations started when I was 17 with some experiments from school and started making little Damned music videos. I love the banter and contrasts between Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian and wanted to bring out the comedy of the duo. Then brought out more animations of other artists I love (David Bowie you were a genius! Rest in peace wherever you may be) and went through a lot of plasticine! I then went into making novelty models and jewellery caricatures in oven baking clay, anything that came to mind or that was commissioned, a lot going to America, Australia and other countries as well as the uk. Enjoy browsing my website and if you have any questions or comments please contact me! 

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Olivia "Sensible" Holt

Address: 48a Elderfield Road, Caversfield, Bicester, OX27 8UE

Tel: 01869248671


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